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Life update- It’s been a while

This month Bella has also been to the dentist. We go back in Aug to do more xrays and see the dentist this past visit was just for a cleaning. I didn’t blog about it because while it’s a dentist visit lol How exciting are dental visits. Bella also had her blood drawn for her… Continue reading Life update- It’s been a while

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Changes made and vinyl adventures

Hello everyone, As you know I dropped my web-hosting and kept my domain the reason for that is because I wanted to keep things simpler and cost effective.¬† I am not blogging to make money any how so why did I get web hosting it was a tough choice but I have decided to just… Continue reading Changes made and vinyl adventures

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How to make liquid laundry soap

Hello everyone My family has sensitive skin and we react to the typical laundry soaps we develop dry itchy skin when we use a few of the popular brands of laundry soap. I noticed when I shared on instagram that my friends wanted to know how I made my soap I said I would do… Continue reading How to make liquid laundry soap

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How to make puffy paint (the smell good one)

Hello everyone, A lot of my friends on Facebook have asked me how did I make the puffy paint I shared on my Instagram account. I included pictures of what I used and how it turned out for me. I think I might use a bit more glue next time but Bella loved it. I… Continue reading How to make puffy paint (the smell good one)

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U of M visit update

Hello Friends, It has been a few days and I have had a lot of people ask how was the trip and is everything going well for Bella? The answer is everything is moving along and we are moving forward with surgery for Bella next summer. To correct the hypersnale sound in her voice. (that’s… Continue reading U of M visit update

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My weight loss journey

Hello everyone, Some of you have asked what is going on with my weight while a lot and nothing all at the same time. My thoughts again are jumbled when it comes to all of weight issues so I am dealing with things a little at a time. One step a time. So my blog… Continue reading My weight loss journey